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Driving Licence

How to purchase Austrian driving permit

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Buy Austrian driving licence online

Get a registered Austrian driver’s licence hassle-free with the Global Documents Centre. To begin with, our European driving school provides both theoretical and practical qualifications for free to our customers.  This protects our customers from police checks in Austria. Again, do not let fear hold you back; fulfil your driving dreams with confidence. In addition, you can now buy real Austrian drivers license from us and get  delivered within 4 to 4 business days. Contact us now and buy your drivers license with no stress

Our Guarantee when you Order Austrian driving licence online

The process of obtaining an Australian driving licence varies depending on the category. However, we offer a uniform cost for all categories. Moreover, the theoretical test comprises nine modules, which are uniform across the country. Again, basic tasks must be passed without exception. The driving license register maintained by the Austrian Federal Computing Center provides information on newly issued and existing licenses. Vehicle-class-specific information is also recorded. The results for a particular year are published in the fourth quarter of the following year, based on administrative data from the register. The Federal Statistics Act 2000 and the Driving License Act (1997/I/120) provide the legislative framework for this process.

In addition, each question provides four possible solutions, and it is possible for one, two, three, or all four to be correct. Furthermore, questions can be skipped if required, and there are three levels of difficulty available. Therefore, the skipped questions will appear at the end of the test.