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Privacy Policies

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This is the Drivers License Renewal privacy statement describing the kind of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that our organization may collect, how it might be used, and with whom it might be shared. Our privacy statement outlines how we handle any information you give us, whether it’s obtained in person, online, via email, or by mail. Your name, social security number, email, mailing address, phone number, or other details that directly identify you are examples of PII.

Your personally identifiable information (PII) will only be used to renew your driver’s license. We will safeguard your information in accordance with the Fair Information Practice Principles and the Driver Privacy Protection Act, which serve as the foundation for our privacy policy (DC Official Code 50-1401.01b and 18 USC 2721, et seq.). In addition, we adhere to the District Government’s information security, access, and use regulations for social media, email, and the Internet, all of which are listed on the DRIVERS LICENSE RENEWAL POLICY.

With the aim of preserving justice, privacy, and security, the Fair Information Practices are a set of principles and practices that outline how an information-based society may handle information processing, storage, and management. The operation of the data record-keeping systems for drivers license renewal is governed by these principles.

The Fair Information Practices Principles

In order to fulfill our purpose, the DL Renewal Collection Limitation Principle makes sure that only the minimal amount of personal information is gathered for vehicle registration and licensing. To guarantee that the personal data we gather is correct, full, and kept up-to-date, we adhere to the Data Quality and Integrity Principle.

Purpose Specification Principle mandates that DL Renewal specify the purpose for which the data will be used before any personal data is collected. The utilize Limitation Principle further stipulates that DL Renewal will only utilize the information obtained for the purposes for which it was intended as well as any other uses permitted by law, such as voting, organ donation, selective service, jury duty, and law enforcement requests. Any authorizations are additionally covered by the Driver Privacy Protection Act.

Personal data is safeguarded against unauthorized access, abuse, destruction, and alteration by the implementation of strict security measures in accordance with the Security Safeguards Principle. A general policy of openness about developments, procedures, and policies relating to the use of personal data is permitted by the openness/transparency principle.

The Individual Participation Principle gives people who provide us their personal information the right to access, know, and change any information that they think necessary. DL Renewal must audit the use of data and train our staff on how to manage and protect personal data as part of our accountability to the Accountability and Auditing Principle.

Please email us at if you have any inquiries about the DL Renewal privacy statement or how we may utilize your information.:

Contact us: [email protected]

Updates to this Privacy Policy

We might occasionally amend this policy. Our website will be updated with the new policy. After we post an updated policy, if you still use the website, it means you agree to the new terms.

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