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Obtaining a driving licence has become increasingly difficult in the modern era; you can sit for theory exams for more than five years and still fail them. If you’ve been wondering how and where to obtain theoretical and driving test certificates for your licence, fear no more, as our European driving school now offers both theory and practical driving test certificates. These certificates are then used to register your driving licence with the DVLA, DTG and EU databases at a very reasonable c

Writing the theory and practical driving test examinations is not necessary. Our top-rated driving school in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia now provides driving test certificates without exams in the form of a practical driving test approval certificate. This certificate can be used to register a driving licence with the DVLA, DTG and EU database. We now just need the serial numbers to produce your registered driver’s licence. Please email our staff at [email protected] if you would like more information about our driving programme.


We provide quick and simple solutions to buy a practical driving license. You can order a Practical Driving test certificate online through the Global Documents center at your convenience. Everyone who needs to obtain their driving permit fast and safely should choose this technique because the entire procedure is secure.

You will need a current passport or another acceptable form of government-issued identification to get started. You can use the secure online application for the Global Documents Center once you have one of the aforementioned documents. You can enter the class of license you need (class C, class B, etc.) and any other necessary information directly from the application. The application must be fully completed, signed, and forwarded to the Global Documents Center.

Following assessment of the application after submission, you will be sent a certificate of approval for the practical driving test. This practical driving test certificate is recognized and valid by the registration boards for the EU database, DGT, and DVLA database.

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