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Clients Reviews Our Driver’s License & Documents Production Services:

I had searched for where to get a Pilot license and Boat license online to no avail. Thanks to Global Documents Center who are the only ones providing this services. They are awesome! I now use the Private Pilot license I obtained here freely. I’m gonna give you a 4.5-star rating! Can’t give you all 5 though…hahaha!

I got my EU Passport and am now traveling within Europe like i own it. Thanks a lot. I recommended your services to some 5 friends of mine and they called me to inform me that they got their passports and everything was genuine. So they will also travel to meet me here in France. On their behalf, i say Thank you for your services. George T. Paris, FR. George T.



Mulla Bing

 It was like a dream after getting my visa and I actually passed through the embercy succesfully. This is all thanks to GLobal Documents Center. I am greatful

Von James.

I am hear to appreciate you for my registered Belgian drivers lisence. I saw this as a dream when I verified and found my information in the Belgian database registered all thanks to globaldocuments

Edwin Ngong.

I am an African and I have never believed buy online was a good business till when I bought NY passport from your website and received. Thanks very much am a proud owner of passport now.

Mark C. Sylvain

Hello Global documents center, I am writing to appreciate your staff for my id card ans successful delivery

Hedvige Langlois

i am happy i actually got an ielts exams here without exams . i have been writing ielts test for over five years but have never passed when i saw Global documents center website i decided to buy without exams and i succeed and i have verified and my ielts certificate is registered in the Data base with high sores .

Normand Lagacé

I discovered a solution to my financial freedom after buying class AA Euro banknotes there and they actually look good and are accepted in all supper markets

Molaun Peter

I have worked and lived i Bulgaria since ten years ago no way to go back to my home country because I lost all my traveling documents. i also contacted so many websites online that pay for passports but have always been scammed. I decided to give a trial at the global document center when a friend of mine referred to me and I now have my passport registered and delivered, thanks to the Global documents center.

Von Charles.

I recieved my drivers lisence and i never believed it was original. when i was stoped by the police i was surprised after

Robert K. Mance

I received my driver’s license but never believed it was original and registered till I assessed a police check. thanks to this website. i am grateful to the global documents center and its team

Jack Perts

Hello i am here to thank the staff of global documents center for the job well done. i was surprised after receiving my license at the given time. i have actually commanded and paid for my Hungarian drivers license from other agencies but have never been delivered. Just giving. i am very grateful thanks once more

Riley Ashley

I bought a license from this website and they delivered it to me in 6 hours. Thank you very much.

Gomez James

I was skeptical about buying a driver’s license from this website, but when I was arrested by the police last week, I thought I was caught. and surprisingly, the driver’s license you issued me passed the test. Thank you very much

Lizzy Mila.

Today is my happiest day as i have always wish to travel Canada after been scammed twice try to get a visa online but was scammed. When a friend of mine talked to me about global documents center and its subsidize precises on documents i decided to give a trial and i was shocked i go my visa within 4 days. i want to take this opportunity to apprehend global documents center and most especially her online agents for this great work they did to me


Hello i am Blandine blonde. i am happy to thank Global documents center for the great offer they gave to me by renewing my visa. I am very grateful

Charles Wigner.

Having a permanent residence in the UK has always been my top priority as i have always love to have a safe and happy stay in the united king don. i want to take this opportunity to thank global documents center for the job well done for making me acquire a permanent residence permit in the UK. thanks i will remain forever regretful to you and your team

Quest Burg.

Quest Burg. I have been wondering over yesrs on how to get m
MPU to get my drivers lisence and o finally got it at my documents document Center. I am glade thanks

Mike Monster.

I never knew I could ever get a drivers, most especially because I have been scammed two times till I found Global docements Center

Durk marigotte.

Special thanks to Global documents center for providinge a valid Visa. I am very happy and satisfy with my Global Documents Center for makinv me get a visa after 5years of struggle

Hanrty Minks.

I am very happy to anounce that I safely received my drivers lisence. I never belief I could receive as I have been scammed over three times. Thank you very much

Von James.

I am hear to appreciate you for my registered Belgian drivers lisence. I saw this as a dream when I verified and found my information in the Belgian database registered all thanks to globaldocuments

Edwin Ngong.

I am an African and I have never believed buy online was a good business till when I bought NY passport from your website and received. Thanks very much am a proud owner of passport now.

Sara N.

Hello, Please try to be faster next time. I ordered a Canadian residence permit- a Green card and land certificate from you guys. Apparently, you took longer than expected. I’m happy though I got to receive my documents. Keep up the good work!

Mark Anthon

I grew up knowing how difficult it was to obtain a German driver’s license. I tried but failed severally. I got old and was ashamed to retake the driving tests. I came to Global Documents Center and they gave me hope. They got me a registered German drivers license Class B without any exam in just 3 working days. I can’t thank them enough. I’ll give them a 5.

Johnson. P

Our 7 year old daughter’s first passport seemed like it would never run out and then a week before a trip out of the country my wife and I realized that it would expire while we were gone. So we contacted Global Documents Center and they were an invaluable help. We started the process on Monday morning starting without even haven taken the pictures and Friday morning of the same week we had her new passport by 8 AM. The team at Global Documents Center was very responsive and helpful, we had a direct phone number, and each time we called we were answered immediately by a person. Thanks again, guys.

Szigethi Vivien

I was extremely wary of using an ‘expediter’ to rush a passport application but found myself in a situation where I had to have my passport renewed in a short time without fail.

Global Documents Center was able to turn my application around in half the time I expected and was responsive when I simply checked in to see if it was moving ahead – in fact it was already done and being overnighted back to me.

I recommend Global Documents Center without reservation if you need to get your passport in a hurry at a reasonable price.

Szôllösi Fredek

Global Documents Centert made it really easy for me to get my passport within a few days when I was heading out of the country on a business trip. The staff were friendly and helped me with any questions I had in completing the documents. Once they received my passport it was overnighted to me in plenty of time for my trip. There’s no way I would have gotten it in time had I gone through the government. Thanks Global Documents Center Team!

Mejer Vince

I was in a jam, forgot that my passport expired, and my wife and young kids went to Mexico without me. A Global Documents Center representative met me over the weekend, had my passoport application in at 7am on Monday and a new passport delivered before 5pm. My Congressman was not able to get it done faster. This company has the best service and responsiveness imaginable!

Eric Baumgartner

The owner personally called me up. He explained everything. I had 4 days to get my passport, and he did it, and was reasonable with the price. He explained each step, and its really good he did, because we almost had many problems. I highly recommend them. I usually never write a review, but he was so good, I had to!

Christina Werfel

I found out 3 days before my trip to Jamaica for a week that my passport was expired. However with the help of Global Documents Center  I was able to get my passport processed and sent to me in 3 days. The cost was a little high but it would have been a lot more costly to cancel the trip. My husband and I had a great time and we would like to thank Steven and Lindsey for their patience and fast action. Thanks again.

Christian Muench

Just wanted to let you know that I went in to your Coney Island location today to renew my passport, and the woman who waited on me was possibly the most pleasant employee I’ve ever encountered in my ten years in New York City. She was extremely nice and dealt with a high volume of customers diplomatically and politely at all times. I dreaded going to get my new passport because most of the time these types of chores are not fun, but she was just fantastic. Thanks again.

Nancy W. Ramirez

Dear Steven, Thank you for helping Vincent, Michael, and Christopher in getting their Drivers License ASAP.

Karen A. Kim

Great customer service. Totally accommodating to all of my needs. Made it a simple transaction. I thought it would be hard but they walked me right through it.

Christopher R. Harrison

To Whom It May Concern, I would like to send this letter of gratitude to a wonderful employee of yours, LIZ. I came into your office in the middle of May, very upset because I had just discovered that I had let my Drivers license expire. I needed to travel abroad in less then 10 days. Liz took great care of me with the utmost professionalism and quality service. She assured me I would get my Drivers license t with plenty of time to spare, and she was right. So once again thank you Liz and thank you Global Document for your wonderful service.

Natasha Keighley

Hello Global documents center am here to thank you for my UK drivers license. when i was billed a a very cheaper cost i thought the drivers license was going to be fake but am surprised that my license is original and registered with DVLA

Caitlin Sandover

I have always been troubled after buying a pies of land here in Australia until i got a land certificate from global documents center. special thanks to global documents center

Anthony Batman

I was surprised I was given a Canadian visa here at a very cheap cost and I have successfully traveled to Canada without any trouble at the airport

Jaroslav Pokorný

I bought my UK residence permit here and I received tested and it was registered I am going to recommend global documents center to all my friends. thanks very much

Erick Martins Oliveira

I am writing to appreciate the staff of the global document center for the successful delivery of my passport. I just received it yesterday

Anthony Batman

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