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Polish driver’s license for sale

Are you wondering how long it takes to obtain a driving license in Poland? Well, it depends on who you ask. Should you turn to a Polish county office, you may brace yourself for a period of 10 weeks. But if you let the team of Globaldocumentscenter.com handle it for you, you’ll get your new license within just 3 days!

We have a knack for providing Polish drivers with licenses akin to those issued by the county office. With an ironclad commitment to authentic-looking quality, we stand as the premier choice in the industry and guarantee the quickest turnaround time.

High-quality Polish driving licence in the preferred version

There’s a world of benefits when addressing your vehicle operation needs with Globaldocumentscenter.com:

  • Practical exam certificates. We are all pressed for time. Don’t let the driving school steal it from you. Buy a Polish driver license that includes a certificate proving you have clocked in the required number of schooling hours to operate a car or truck.
  • Registered license. Like all EU countries, Poland has adopted a driver’s license database to keep track of the issued permits and local drivers. Getting this document from us means enjoying the legal usability of a license registered in such a database.
  • Non-registered version. Don’t care about Poland driver license checks when on the road? There’s a cheaper alternative. Opt for this one to have a document that looks like a county-issued one but has no registration records.
  • Validity. Isn’t it just tedious to re-apply for a new license every 3 years? If your document is already past its expiration date or is about to expire, get the best solution without extra classes and fees. Our Polish permits are valid for as many as 10 years!

A non-registered Polish driving license can still get you through surface-level inspections, but it won’t cut it for deeper, more careful checks. Choose your permit wisely after considering the potential risks and your preferences.

Our commitment

We stand behind every purchase and request fulfilled through Globaldocumentscenter.com. As a team dedicated to our clients, we go the extra mile to maintain a consistently positive customer experience. 

There’s a short request form below, which you can use to order a driver’s license in Poland. In the Comment section, describe what permit option you want to receive and whether you would like it registered. When it’s ready, we’ll handle the discreet packaging and shipping.

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