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Buy Italian ID cards online with us

Our company offers both genuine and forged Italian ID cards that are compliant with the European Union standards. Our ID cards offer an efficient and convenient means of identification across Italy and Europe. If you need a credible identification card but lack a passport, our Italian ID is the ultimate solution.

We take pride in offering high-quality Italian ID cards that can be purchased online conveniently from anywhere. Our selection is extensive, with a wide range of styles, designs, and color options. Our cards are built with sturdy construction and made with reliable security measures. They are suitable for work, school, and all other occasions.

Our ID cards come with many high-end security features, such as holograms, UV ink, and watermark text, to ensure their durability and authenticity. We are committed to providing the most affordable prices on the market. You can confidently purchase your Italian ID card through our website and start discovering its benefits.

Request real Italian ID Card online

To obtain an Italian identity card, one must be an Italian citizen and registered with their local Municipality. The identity card is a convenient means of identification, which can be used not only in Italy but throughout Europe as well. However, if you possess an Italian passport, an identity card is not mandatory, but it won’t hurt to have one. The process of obtaining an identity card requires applicants to present three recent half-length photographs, a photo ID (passport, certificate of citizenship, US driver’s license, etc.), and proof of identity. The document is issued immediately upon submission of the documents, which typically takes around five years to expire from the date of issuance. In case of theft or loss, you must present a report to the relevant authorities (Police Commission) along with the aforementioned documents. We also offer authentic and fake Italian ID documents to foreigners living in Italy.

Why do you need an ID card in Italy?

As an individual residing in Italy, it is important to adhere to the country’s regulations regarding business activities. It is permitted to utilize your current identity card for conducting business during the first two years of residence in Italy. It is crucial to note, however, that after six months of residing in the country, it is mandatory to register your personal information at the Italian identification office. Taking this step will ensure that you comply with the local authorities’ formalities and conduct your business activities with ease. Should you require any assistance with this process, we advise contacting the relevant government office or seeking professional guidance.

Our Guarantee to our customers

Feel free to contact us for authentic Italian ID cards. We have a well-trained staff of technicians, and we work in collaboration with the Italian Identification Office to ensure smooth registration of your ID cards in the Italian database. In addition, please provide us with your authentic information when you contact us to buy ID cards, as we keep our customers’ information private. Furthermore, our website is encrypted end-to-end to ensure the privacy of our customers’ information.

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