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Buy Russian driver's license online

In 1900, Russia issued its first driver’s licenses. Not until 1936 were traffic rules and licenses codified under a specialized police department. However, the US and the UK licenses are acceptable in Russia, and obtaining a Russian driver’s license is difficult and expensive. Despite the fact, the license was only valid in urban areas. Again it is not advisable to seek unauthorized sources for a license but to contact licensed issuing authorities or professional services. For a legitimate Russian driver’s license, contact Globaldocumentscenter.


Purchasing  a driver’s license can be a significant achievement. Thus we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to drive confidently. Beside in Russia, to get a license, you need to be physically and mentally fit, pass a test, and be of legal age. However, some individuals might face challenges in meeting these requirements. With our own connections, we are happy to offer free driving test certificates to our customers who are determined to hit the road with confidence. We also provide drivers licenses without the stress of exams. Now, individuals living in rural areas can purchase their drivers licenses without any inconvenience. Again our registered driving licenses are accessible within just three days. Furthermore, do not let circumstances hold you back from getting a drivers license. With our help, you can enjoy fulfilling, exciting drives across Russia.

Real Russian drivers license for sale

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  1. hello interested in another drivers license for a friend but unable to upload photo from my phone to the website application form what can I do

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